1.4.0 Ready ... enjoy

My first Horror game , its currently under development but feel free to download the demo and check if you like it :) ( The language is in Greek but its not really needed  to play the game ) Just use WASD to move E to interact with objects and F if your lighter goes off , also Sprint has been added with left Shift Crouch with C Elevator Lift goes Up with 1 and Down with 0, you can also hold left mouse to look behind you. When the game is finished i will add an option for English as well :)

Also the riddle for the security door translation is this : Theres many around you but theres just one diferent from the others, find it and you shall find the password


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Jan 24, 2018

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I still have not found it..

Ok the word is  ( DEATH ) all capitals 

Where on earth are you on TV?

Ten people looked at each other and found no one.

Deleted 2 years ago

The riddle is writen in english at the main page but i save you some trouble by retype it here ( theres many around you but only one is diferent .. find him and you shall find the password ) if you stuck on how to use the elevator ... with 1 in keyboard goes up with 0 goes down 

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I've kept it hidden in that place. :) Thank you!!!!!!! i love this game