A downloadable game for Windows

Hello everyone, the game is Action,RPG with some survival elements , its a story driven and its created by only 1 person ( me obviously) Demo of course will be free for everyone to try, please Rate my game if you enjoyed it follow me so you can know when the game will be finished and released and of course ask anything you like i will be glad to talk with you guys 

W,A,S,D To move your player, F toggle flashlight, 1 Toggle melee, Q Equip weapon and mouse scroll swaps weapons, E to interact with everything , LEFT SHIFT sprint, RIGHT MOUSE to aim, LEFT MOUSE to shoot or melee , TAB to open Inventory ( within inventory LEFT click to use item or RIGHT click to delete item ) G will drop your current weapon ( beware droping a weapon resets ammo to 0 )

Current Version : 1.0.1

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe


LastSteps.rar 820 MB

Development log


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indeen the game feels like is not even (patch 1.0.0 ) but i saw a with some add ons and some things to fix a good game i look ahead for this game and i hope for a full releash 

I know there are some bugs in the game guys but after all its an Early access game, Game breaking bugs have been already fixed and will be added to next patch